Before beginning mediation or alternative dispute resolution, we encourage you to review these resources. 


The North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission was established in October of 1995, pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7A-38.2. The Commission is charged primarily with certifying and regulating private mediators who serve the courts of this State. The Commission also recommends policy, rules, and rule revisions relating to dispute resolution in North Carolina's courts; provides support to court-based mediation programs; certifies mediation training programs; serves as a clearinghouse for information about court-based mediation programs; assists other State agencies interested in or providing dispute resolution services to their constituencies; publishes a newsletter, and maintains this web site.


Industrial Commission- The Industrial Commission employees administer the Workers’ Compensation Act, the Tort Claims Act, the Childhood Vaccine-Related Injury Act, the Law Enforcement Officers’, Firemen’s, Rescue Squad Workers’, and Civil Air Patrol Members’ Death Benefit Act, and the Act to Compensate Individuals Erroneously Convicted of Felonies. Our mission is to ensure all parties are treated fairly and equally in accordance with North Carolina State Law.


Mediation in Federal Court- Pre-argument mediations are scheduled by the Court with counsel for all parties in many civil appeals. They are conducted by experienced and specially trained Circuit Mediators. Although significant attention may be given to procedural questions and problems raised by counsel in a case, the primary purpose of the mediation is to offer participants a confidential, risk free opportunity to candidly evaluate their case with an informed neutral and to explore possibilities for voluntary disposition of the appeal.


Harvard Program on Negotiation- 

The Program on Negotiation (PON) is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to developing the theory and practice of negotiation and dispute resolution in a range of public and private settings. PON’s mission includes nurturing the next generation of negotiation teachers and scholars, helping students become more effective negotiators, and providing a forum for the discussion of ideas.